(Adult) Varicella / Chicken Pox

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Description :

Varicella vaccine, also known as chickenpox vaccine, is a vaccine that protects against chickenpox. One dose of vaccine prevents 95% of moderate disease and 100% of severe disease. Two doses of vaccine are more effective than one. 


Age Criteria :

19 years and above.


Dose & Interval :

2 Doses

  • 1st dose: on elected date.
  • 2nd dose: minimum interval 4 week.


Contra-Indication :

People who should not have the chickenpox vaccine include: anyone with a weakened immune system. Anyone who has had a serious allergic reaction (anaphylactic reaction) to a previous dose of the vaccine or to any of the ingredients in the vaccine.


Adverse Effect :

Sore arm from the injection, redness or rash where the shot is given, or fever can happen after varicella vaccination. 

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