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Description :

Rotavirus vaccine is a vaccine used to protect against rotavirus infections, which are the leading cause of severe diarrhea among young children. Children who get rotavirus disease can become dehydrated and may need to be hospitalized.


Age Criteria :

6 weeks of age .


Dose & Interval :

3 Doses

  • 1st dose: administered at age of 6 weeks to 12 weeks.              
  • Interval: 1 to 2 months each dose.
  • Completed by the age of 32 weeks.


Contra-Indiacation :

You should not give rotavirus vaccine to babies with: severe (life-threatening) allergic reaction to a previous dose of rotavirus vaccine, a severe (life threatening) allergy to any component of rotavirus vaccine, severe combined immunodeficiency.


Adverse Effect :

Side effects are rare, usually mild, and may include fussiness, diarrhea, and vomiting.


The last dose should be administered not later than 24 weeks of age.

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