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Description :

Typhoid vaccine can prevent typhoid fever.
It is spread most often through infected food or water. Typhoid may also be spread by close person-to-person contact with infected persons (such as occurs with persons living in the same household). Some infected persons do not appear to be sick, but they can still spread the germ to others.


Age Crfiteria :-

19 years and older


Dose & Interval :-

1 dose

Revaccinated every 2- 3 years.


Contra-Indication :

The typhoid vaccine should not be given to those who have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction within 72 hours of a previous dose of the same vaccine. This also applies if there has been confirmed reaction to a constituent of the vaccine; both combined and single typhoid vaccines contain traces of neomycin.


Adverse Effect :

Pain from the shot, redness, or swelling at the site of the injection, fever, and headache, and general discomfort can happen after inactivated typhoid vaccine.

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