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Description :

Typhoid vaccine can prevent typhoid fever.
Typhoid fever is a serious disease that can cause death. It is spread most often through infected food or water. 


Age Criteria :

2 years and above .


Dose & Interval :

1 Dose

  • Revaccinated every 2- 3 years.


Contra-Indication :

The typhoid vaccine should not be given to those who have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction within 72 hours of a previous dose of the same vaccine. This also applies if there has been confirmed reaction to a constituent of the vaccine; both combined and single typhoid vaccines contain traces of neomycin.


Adverse Effect :

Pain from the shot, redness, or swelling at the site of the injection, fever, and headache, and general discomfort can happen after inactivated typhoid vaccine.

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